Autumn morning

Just a few quickies from yesterday morning. I have been going through camera withdrawal, as the move has put a serious crimp in my photographic forays.  Afterward, I headed off to the storage unit to grab more boxes to unpack. Almost there . . .

We have two large trees in the backyard: a maple and an apple. The maple is shedding leaves like crazy, but the apple tree is still hanging on to hers.

The dogs are getting used to having dogs all around them.   I can’t tell you how worried I was that we would move into a neighborhood where we’d have the only barking dogs, thereby ensuring our social ostracism.  Fortunately, our two aren’t the worst barkers in the neighborhood.

Nina amid the maple leaves.

That is not our pot but a leftover from the previous residents. Needless to say, this little plot of dirt will never see plants actually in the ground. Buddy has already claimed it, so potted plants will be the order of the day.

They don’t know it yet, but as soon as I get dressed, the three of us are going for a W-A-L-K.

How we spent our Saturday morning

Today was the Northern Nevada AIDS Walk at Idlewild Park in Reno.  In addition to the run and the regular 5k walk, there was a 3k Paws for the Cause walk. It appeared that most attendees were participating in that!  There were a lot of dogs.  We took Nina, but left Buddy at home. He doesn’t always play well with others and this event would have been too much for him. Nina, on the other hand, was in her element.

A few shots from the day. A mix of color and black and white.

This little one was pleading with her mommy for something!

One of the many dogs…

Morning coffee and the paper.

Beautiful pup.

Ooh…Dad has a treat!

Did I mention there were dogs?

All the dogs got a red ribbon. Nina, trekking along.

It was a fun morning and full of excitement for Nina. She was so tired and I thought for sure she’d conk out in the car, but she only napped for a bit.

Really…she was pooped.

Really pooped.

The blank stare of the incredibly weary . . .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

My entry for this week’s photo challenge.

When I think of companionable, I have to think of Buddy and Nina. Though he is over 70 pounds and she hovers around 17, they have been fast friends from Day One.

June 2008.

nina_buddy 7wks

The Big Snow, December 2009


Buddy is still as gentle with her today as he was when she was a wee little thing. Playing Bitey-Bitey. 2012

Where ever one is, the other is as well.

Or worrying about what the other is doing . . .