Last Saturday I had the honor being the official photographer for the 4th Annual Ride for RAVE.  Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation exists to “provide respite for families with special needs children while training high school volunteers to work with these very special children.” (link)

It was a beautiful autumn day and, of course, I took a LOT of photographs and am up to my eyebrows getting them processed and uploaded to the gallery. Here is just one. More to come.

Riders waiting for the 50-mile  ride to start.



Tour de Nez: The Big Kids

The older ones.

So serious. Such focus on some of their faces.

Laughing with Bubba, the organizer of the event.

The big kids had to do one abbreviated lap of the course.

This little guy had been in the 7 and under class, and wasn’t satisfied with the short sprint.  He wanted to lap with the big kids.  So off he went on his Strider!  Note the yellow shirt. His Dad is a champion racer, so this kid has big dreams.

That’s Dad running beside him while he heads out.

First one across the finish line.





High five!

And yes, he made the lap!  Just three years old!

Tour de Nez: Fast!

Photos from the first men’s race.  I have to note that while they called this the “men’s” race, I saw a number of women competing as well.  There were several “men’s” races, not any “women’s” races, so I think they just bunched them all together and awarded trophies accordingly?  I dunno.

Needless to say, it was a great opportunity to practice panning!

How is it possible that they can chat while going so fast?

Cheering the riders on!

I’m slowly filling the gallery, so if you’d like to see more and/or follow my progress, here is the link.