At the Arboretum

I spent part of Friday at Rancho San Rafael Park with a group of co-workers doing clean-up of the Wilbur D. May Arboretum (link).  Of course, I put my rake down for a bit to get in a few shots.

We worked this sunny patch as our first order of business. Temps were expected to get to over 100 later in the day, so we figured it was best to get this taken care of early.

Even at that early hour, it was freakin’ hot.  And dusty.

After getting this area cleared, we moved into shade by the labyrinth where I took a few minutes to capture some of the lovelies.

Day 269 – Afternoon walk

My foot is getting better every day, but it’s still a bit tender so I took a short, careful walk around the grounds at work this afternoon, and what did I focus on again?

I took these with my 85mm. These are cropped, of course.


Day 232 – Fun with fill-flash: Apples, grapes, ants and bees!

Getting this right will mean when I’m shooting people I’ll get it right then too.   All of these were shot at ISO 100 with exposure stopped down one or two stops and then fill flash at about 1/4 intensity. I used the LumiQuest 80-20 with the white reflector and no diffuser.

The apples are getting big!  I should be able to start harvesting them soon. I hope my co-workers are in the mood for Granny Smiths!



I hope they like grapes too. The vine always gives us far more than we can eat ourselves.


This ant was working the nectar . . .

Out front the bees were going at it.




Day 150 – Pollinators

I went out shooting this afternoon and focused in on these flowering shrubs. I was surprised at the different kinds of pollinators doing their thing. Moths too!