Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Treasure is heading back to my hometown for the weekend and getting to take a walk along the shore.  My entry for this week’s challenge (link)


Day 303 – Casting a long shadow

I’m sick, but I still put in a full day at work. My camera never made it out my car, let alone out of the camera bag. I snapped this with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app as I was heading out to my car after work.


Day 188 – Reno is Artown

In Reno, July means Artown, a month-long celebration of the arts. On Friday nights there are concerts by the river. Last night we had to go downtown to meet some friends at a local watering hole but before that Sweetie and I headed over to the amphitheater to listen to the music and do a little people watching.  I shot a bunch more photos and will likely post them later, but I’ve got to get these up as I should have been out the door thirty minutes ago.

Day 186 – Standoff

I caught Maya and a jackrabbit staring each other down through the front door this morning. I shot about a dozen photos, alternating focus between Maya and the jackrabbit. I finally settled on this one.  I love that they are both looking right at each other and that their ears seem to mirror each other’s.