Andrea & Andrew: Traditions

With the move and all that entailed, I wasn’t able to finish up Andrea and Andrew’s wedding photos until last weekend.


The First Dance

It was too cold to stay in the tent in the backyard, so at this point the party pretty much moved indoors to escape the wind and rain.

Did it matter they were dancing in his mother’s kitchen? I think not.

The Best Man’s Toast

Cutting the Cake

The Money Dance

The Garter Toss (and all that entails)

Tossing the Bouquet


We are still surrounded by boxes and furnishings not quite in place, and  the move has put finishing up my processing sessions on hold for a bit, but I just wanted to share a few detail shots from Andrea and Andrew’s wedding I was able to complete before the Big Move.


Andrea’s son, Blane, helped give his mom away. Unlike Grace, who was totally into the celebration, Blane was a bit less impressed, but managed to have some fun along the way.