Weekly Photo Challenge: Object, Take Three – “Martini & Froggy”

Another one for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

We picked up this 2-foot tall sculpture last July at the Best of the West Rib Cook-Off.

(another subject of my lighting session from yesterday)






Weekly Photo Challenge: Object, Take Two

I’ve gotten my hands on four Norman LH-2000 lights and a power pack, and I finally got the chance to play with them today. The lights are merely the lampheads with no reflectors or any modifiers. I get these for a very good price (a song, really) from a friend who bought up everything a fellow on Craig’s List was selling. The lights, cords, and power packs (as well as some other items) he picked up are what remain from the now defunct Sears portrait studios.

I used two of the LH-2000s to blow out the white backdrop. I used silver umbrellas to reflect the light onto the backdrop instead of all over the room. I will definitely some reflectors! Finally, I used my Einstein shot through a white umbrella as my key light.  I have a CyberSync transmitter, a receiver for my Einstein, and an additional receiver for my speed-lights which I used to sync the Norman lights via the power pack, so I was able to fire all lights easily.  I’m really looking forward to working with these lights a lot more.

Anyway, I thought about this week’s photo challenge when I was playing around today. My well-used handbag.