Keep doing it

You just have to work and not give up during the miserable times. And just keep doing it. It’s rewarding to keep doing it when you think you can’t do it any more. It just gets more interesting.”

~ Annie Leibovitz, Lesson 09, Master Class

Must read for photographers

The Art & History of Street Photography.

Bill and Maria are doing an excellent series on the Art & History of Street Photography. Go have a read and give them some love.


Stepping out from behind the camera

I’ve known Eric for a few years now. He is a fellow photographer and on Wednesday night he was assisting in Jeff Ross’ studio portrait class. We students cajoled him into stepping out of the dark and into the light (which in this case was two fluorescent lights to camera left).


Last Wednesday night was the last night of our three-session portraiture class. After critiquing our fluorescent lighting homework, we turned to playing in the studio. Previously, we’d asked Jeff to give us some tips on lighting, how to work with different facial structures, etc.  We did some work with fluorescent, direct, diffused, and reflected lighting.

Here are some of my shots taken that night. I’m sorry that it looks like the class was mostly men. Our class actually had five men and four women. I was holding reflector cards when one of the other women was being shot. Others took my photo but I have none of those. Female #4 didn’t get a chance to be photographed, and only one of us photographed male #5.