A year of self #13 – I hate VPN

I had to start my workday at home today to be here for a repairman. So I fired up the ol’ laptop and, true to form, VPN was acting up like a two-year-old. Why do I even try?

A year of self #5 – Cookie!

Daughter and I usually bake cookies for the holidays but this year work schedules conspired against us. One of our standards is a delicious Ginger Spice refrigerator cookie. We’ve used the recipe so many times, the cookbook opens automatically to the dough-stained pages. We love them, and I really missed not getting my fix this year.

So imagine my surprise today when I walked into the break room and saw a baggie full of what appeared to be my favorite holiday cookie! Their size, color, and sugar-coated cracks caught my attention right away and a quick nibble confirmed what my eyes beheld.  Of course, I had to eat more than one!