Speedlight Class

We had fun today!  We moved all over the Nevada Museum of Art with our models. This is Tony. we were on the fourth floor. Speedlight to camera right shooting through white umbrella. White reflector providing fill to camera left. The lovely gleam in the elevator doors was from the window directly behind us.

Can you take good portraits with just a single speedlight? Yes, you can.





Jacey – by the beautiful window in the lobby (to camera left). Speedlight through white umbrella to camera right for fill.


Darius – also by the window (camera right)  with reflected light from speedlight to camera left for fill.


Darius and Jacey


On the roof with sunlight at back of our models.




Tony and Viola. In open shade with speedlight through white umbrella at camera left.



Can I recreate this at home?

I am pretty sure I can. I’ll find out on Sunday. I’ve got the lights, the shower curtain, and the ability.

From Wednesday night’s portrait class in Jeff Ross’ studio.

Smoke Trails

Last night I met with three other members of my photography group to shoot smoke trails. It was the first time I’ve ever done it. Aside from nearly getting smoked out of our leader’s garage studio, we had a great time.  The first two were shot using my Speedlite. The others were shot using Michael’s studio strobe (after Susan let me use one of her Pocket Wizards).

Is there something up there for me?

Nina is our perpetual moocher. If there is food around, or even the hope of food, she’s right there.  So it made sense that she’d be underfoot the other night when I was trying out my new pancake lens.

Looking up to the bar where we keep the cats’ food bowl.


Her usual “Aren’t you gonna feed me???” look.  We’ve come to the conclusion that the paw lift is completely for eliciting sympathy. It only works when she’s out in the cold. Begging? Not so much.


Day 327 – Thank You

On this Thanksgiving Day, along with my gratitude for my family, my friends, my critters, and my health, I am grateful for all of you who encourage and inspire me. May your days be filled with love.

Thanksgiving Kitty

© Carissa Snedeker, 2012