Model Shoot: Maternity

Kayla is expecting in about two months and posted on one of the Facebook photography groups I frequent that she was interested in getting some maternity shots done for her portfolio. We met, hit it off, and will be working together over the next couple of months to try out various techniques. Last Sunday, I met with Kayla and her husband, Cory, to do a ‘getting to know you’ shoot.

I shot these in a natural light studio on a dark and rainy day, so my ISO was averaging 800 and I shot fairly wide open (with a tripod…no hand-held for this session). I like the softness of these images.

Here are a few.

Family Shoot: Greene

My friend Matt approached me during the summer about doing a family shoot as a birthday present for his mom. It took some time and wrangling of schedules, but we were finally able to pull it off.  I love this family. Laughing comes easy to them, and it is clear they adore each other.

Here are a few from the shoot.

We had a lot of fun, even when the four of them would get into a deep discussion and I’d have to wave my hand and remind them, “Hello! Photographer! Over here!”