New York City – A wet and cloudy morning

Our first day in New York City began bright and early at Bryant Park. On our agenda that day were several iconic spots: Grand Central Terminal, the New York Public Library, the Empire State Building and Central Park, to name just a few.

Bryant Park is a small oasis of green in the heart of the city. Behind the park is the back of the New York Public Library.

The rain of the the night before was evident and lovely.

But the wet didn’t stop anyone.

We moved on to the New York Public Library . . .

As in Washington, D.C., there are people who distribute free “Metro” papers – abbreviated versions of the regular paper, and just the right size for reading on the subway. Even though I’d just gotten off the subway, she insisted I take one to read “later.”

We turned the corner to see the iconic lions flanking the steps of the New York Public Library.

Unfortunately, it was not yet ten o’clock, so we were not able to go inside and see the beautiful interior. Next time!

More later… I have to get ready for work!


  1. Beautiful photos I really like the lions of the library. It makes me wonder what you’d have done if you’d have gotten inside.


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