Day 70 – Scars

I’ve been wanting to shoot my heart-related scars for a while but knew that it would take effective lighting to pull it off. Our next assignment for class is to shoot and print two photos (black and white) using a hot shoe flash both on and off camera.  You are getting a sneak peek at what I ‘m pretty sure I’m going to use.

On-shoe photo. In this one you can see the whiteness of the scar and the slight shadow of my pacemaker.  I really like the shadows and the composition of this photograph.

© Carissa Snedeker

Off-shoe photo. Flash was sitting on a table camera right and at camera left I placed a white poster board for a little bit of fill. In this one my pacemaker is much more prominent and the shadow from my hand seems to trace the right side of it.

© Carissa Snedeker


  1. Wow Carissa, courageous that you dare showing it! This first shot is absolutely my favorite, love the composition and light!
    And if I see it right you have almost the same necklace I have… I have the mother and child charm, do you have the man/woman version? can’t see it that well…


  2. Nice photo. Got to love those pacemakers. Someone I know has had hers since she was really young. Well, actually, she’s had several by now, but you get the point.

    One of my step-daughters has a “zipper” from open heart surgery when she was 18-months old. It’s huge! From the front of her shoulder down to her hip and around the back and up to the shoulder. She had a faulty valve, which they fixed. No laparoscopic surgery in those days!! For years, she kept it covered, even in a swim suit. Now, she lets it show. It’s part of her uniqueness.


  3. Carissa, you have chosen such a powerful subject for your assignment and you’ve captured really strong (and moving, I might add) images here. I agree with disperser that B & W was definitely the right choice for these.


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